Sophia’s Vision – To employ preventive programs that will produce a generation  empowered to be entrepreneurs, billionaires and philanthropists. 

Sophia’s Mission – Help inner city girls thrive and survive Adverse Childhood Experiences. We incorporate the Arts as a means of building self love, discipline, innovation, self-reliant, and creativity to ensure that young ladies are properly prepared for independent living.

Sophia’s Goal – Inspire, empower, awaken, cultivate  gifts and talents as a catalyst for maximum fulfillment of purpose

In 2013 we begin serving inner city girls on the east side of of Indianapolis in the Brightwood Community.

In 2018 we started serving girls experiencing foster care and the juvenile justice system

Sophia's Hope to End Sex Trafficking Fundraiser

More than 60% of girls lured into sex trafficking have experienced foster care. Help Sophia’s Hope end the pipeline from foster care to sex trafficking.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

The principal types of ACEs are abuse, neglect, and seriously troubled households. More specifically, ACEs are emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; emotional and physical neglect; and homes that have domestic violence, or mental and/or substance (alcohol or drug) disorders, or parental separation or divorce, or a family member who is incarcerated. While ACEs occur before the age of 18, their effects can endure.

Preparation for Emancipation

Sophia’s Hope incorporate  preventive measures designed to endure that girls emancipated from the state have the tools they need to live responsibly and independently so they are less likely to drop out of school,  fall pray to teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and sex trafficking. Our program help provide financial literacy, team work, self care, ans leadership for girls living on the far east side of Indianapolis.

Financial Literacy




"I don't want any little girl to experience the life that I've lived by making the choices that I did because of Adverse Childhood Experiences but to know that they can overcome it all and live a life of peace, joy, love, and happiness because girls just wanna have fun. We owe them that much."
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