As a professional coach, I support individuals and couples who want to improve their communication skills, adjust to change in their relationship, and increase the quality of the relationship. The objective is to increase the effectiveness of the relationship so that all parties can achieve their individual and collective goals.

Many relationship problem arise when people don’t fully understand or appreciate the needs, desires and goals of others. Most often because people are not sure how to communicate them and therefor do not bother. It could also be that the dynamics of the relationship has changed and the premise that the relationship was based on no longer applies to the present situation.

The first goal is increase the level of understanding so that involved parties are clear about their own needs and desires for the relationship as well as those of all involved parties. We would then focus on communication and the ability of each person to freely share their hopes and fears within the relationship and that each can fully appreciate the effect they have on the others.  By renewing the premise we can ensure there is an up to date understanding of the current state and that everyone is focused on the same outcomes. 

It is important to feel free to express concern or dissatisfaction during the coaching session and so we would look to establish a mutually acceptable way for conflict to be expressed, understood and resolved. I listen without judgment to your points of view, ask  insightful and sometimes difficult questions, and customize my approach to your individual needs.

The objective is that all parties within the relationship achieve clarity of purpose and shared ambitions geared toward meeting individual as well as collective needs.  In addition, we will be seeking a deeper mutual understanding as well as a renewed commitment to an agreed way of working so that the relationship is able to continue to grow in response to any future changes. Make your dream relationship a reality and plan for for the marriage you’ve always wanted. 

Where the objective is to review at depth and make more fundamental changes, it is more beneficial to have a series of sessions spread over a longer period. This allows time between sessions to use newly developed tools that can be reviewed in the following session. Generally the sessions are bi-weekly or monthly.  Payment options are available below. You can receive a more detail outline of my coaching plan by clicking email request. 

Payment Option : 2 bi-weekly payments of $399.5. CLICK HERE