Transformation Mastermind for Leadership Success. TMLS is mastermind group for ministry, business, and community leaders. The term “mastermind group” may be new to you, but the concept is simple. TMLS is a group of highly motivated leaders, who share common goals and gather together monthly to share ideas, exchange resources, provide and receive accountability, and learn from one another.  

Entrepreneurship is hard. Yes, is a wonderful concept, but we can’t ignore the fact that being your own boss, making decisions on your own, and taking full responsibility for your own paycheck and the financial security of your family can be stressful.

Entrepreneurship can also be lonely. Being able to work on your own terms is something most people only dream about. Eventually we might begin to miss those pointless water cool conversations with co-workers. Working from home can make you feel isolated.

Usually your friends & family just don’t get your business savvy, and as much as they may try to understand, they often can’t give you the support or motivation you need push your business potential.

There is refuge……

Being a solo entrepreneur is a daunting task- but joining a mastermind group can offer vital support. You can receive a more detail outline of TMLS by clicking email request. 

Payment Option : 3 bi-weekly payments of $325. CLICK HERE


Summer 2021 "FREE" TMLS for non-profit organzations