“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”  Anonymous 

Whether the song is the anthem to your personal goals and dreams, or your organization’s creed, I will remind you of your song, empower you to stay in tune, and in harmony with your God given purpose; and coach you to the rhythm of your destiny.  I’m often told that I am blessed with a unique ability to awaken potential and inspire growth. My transformational coaching maximizes untapped potential, and help you breakthrough barriers to manifest abundance, and empowers you to dominate in every area of life. 

As A Man Thinketh Guided Coaching Program

As A Man Thinketh (AAMT) is an 8 week guided coaching study based on the classic by James Allen. The companion text (with line numbers) is packed with tested and proven principles of thought for achieving personal, spiritual, and professional goals. A FREE downloadable copy is available with registration.

Knowing the principles are not enough. In order to experience result in your life you must APPLY them. This is why it is important to connect with a coach that can help you implement what you are learning. I believe in your dreams just as much as I believe in my own.

What you are or are not are the results of your thoughts. Let’s get the results you want! Where are you stuck? Taking your business to the next level? Getting fit? Increasing your income? Developing your relationships? Whatever your goal for 2020 it’s not too late. You can still get it done. YES YOU CAN!

The solutions you seek are right before you. AAMT program will open the eyes of understanding, allow you to see limitless possibilities, and give you direction for the next step in your journey to success.

Registration TODAYT! The program start October 20, 2020 in our Private Facebook Group. We go live twice a week for 8 weeks. Tuesdays at 7PM EST and Saturdays at 1PM.

I KNOW this study is going to be life changing for everyone that’s part of it. But I don’t know who YOU know!

So all I ask is:

Can you think of 3 people (friends/family/co-workers)?  that you can share this program with? Would you take a moment to forward them this link and personally invite them to join you in this study?

I would so appreciate it

Empowered Transformation Programs

Personal Development

My personal development coaching will help you become more self-aware. This is the first key step in the personal development process. You will gain a greater sense of direction, and clarity. You will become more motivated, build resilience, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Personal development will promote growth in every area of your life. With personal development coaching you will discover untapped potential that makes you better equipped to reach your goals, inspire others and live more effectively.

Relationship Coaching

All relationships can benefit from working with a coach. Gain renewed hope as you learn to break patterns, read one another, and establish boundaries. Learning how to communicate more effectively will result in healthier ways to resolves conflict. I facilitate success for my client without providing advice or professional opinions. Coaching provides you with the tools to discover your own truths and develop a mutually agreed process to strengthen and build the relationship you want.

Mastermind Group

Transformation Mastermind for Leadership Success. TMLS is mastermind group for ministry, business, and community leaders. The term “mastermind group” may be new to you, but the concept is simple. TMLS is a group of highly motivated leaders, who share common goals and gather together monthly to share ideas, exchange resources, provide and receive accountability, and learn from one another.

What's In Your 2020 Tool Kit?

2020 is the years! Everyone is setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year. Did you know that statistics show that 80% will fail by February? But not you. Unlike the 80% . . .

you are not a quitter,

your push through,

you accomplish your goals no matter what.

When you make a decision to set your goal you leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

Your tool kit for success is set for the job. You journal, practice autosuggestion, work your vision board, plan, and track.

Shouldn’t a COACH be one of the tools in your TOOL KIT for SUCCESS?

With a coach, you’ll get the unbiased third-party perspective needed to shine light on your blind spots (can’t deny it. We all have them), hold you accountable and give you on time tips and insight that you can put into action in real time. A coach can help your perform at a higher level of awareness.

With a coach you will go beyond a desire to accomplish your goal to having a will to succeed. With a coach you will more than SAY you want to accomplish a thing – you will have someone holding you to it, pushing you to take action and overcome challenges, on a consistent schedule.

The most successful and influential business people, athletes, and high performers on the PLANET have coaches-and if you want to operate at your fully potentiated self in your business, your relationships, or personal growth YOU SHOULD HAVE A COACH TOO.

Coaching is not something you plan to seek out once you BECOME successful.

Coaching is the secret vehicle that DRIVES success and does it faster and more efficiently than you could on your own.

Right now, get enrolled in one of my Empowerment Transformation coaching packages.

One on one coaching for personal growth.

Relationship coaching for healthy thriving relationships..

Leadership Mastermind for your career, business, or ministry.

Contact me now to schedule a FREE discovery session.