I Write

Reading and writing were my favorite subjects in school. They have always been my favorite pass time and still is to this day. When I was a kid reading was my escape. I loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Huck Finn and all the classics. And of course all the childhood fairy tales. As I got older I was drawn to romance and mystery. In the process of my evolution or lack of, I became drawn to self help books. I wanted to be and do more.  It didn’t take long to realize that I wanted to help others evolve and become the best version of themselves in any given situation or circumstance. I realized that writing was a gift and tool to help me help others.

My Books

Every Need Met

The foundational principal of Every Need Met is the unconditional love that God has for all humanity, and His relentless desire and delight to father and provide for us all. Every Need Met includes instructions on how to hear the voice of God. Teaches you what it really means to be still, and it takes all the frustration out of waiting. It elicits a childlike spirit that is eager to please God and inspires patience that you never knew you had. Every Need Met cultivates and inspires; releasing the mustard seed faith you need to move mountains. It promotes fourth dimensional thinking and dares you to imitate God.

Dispensation of Marriage

Dispensation of Marriage is written to position the single Christian woman for marriage empowering her with the tools she needs to build her house and have a marriage made in heaven. In Dispensation of Marriage Kathleen distinguishes between a wife and a married women. She shows you how to prepare yourself for the man than God has prepared for you. For the Christian woman lost in the single world, Dispensation of Marriage will help you locate where you are and show you how to move to the position where you can be found.  He that finds a wife finds a good thing.  

Mentoring Moments

Mentoring Moments  is an anthology like no other! In this book, fourteen remarkable women narrate their challenges and their ultimate successes in both their personal lives and their careers.  Each story is unique. In “Late Bloomers Are Overcomers,”  Kathleen Coleman notes that it is never too late, and reveals how she woke up and caught up with her potential. On the other hand, in the chapter “Rags to Riches,” the author describes how she gave up a successful career and  started her own company. 

As A Man Thinketh

My Coaching Guide Action Journal is designed to accompany my guided study of James Allen’s classic As A Man Thinketh.    This 8 week online program is free.  For a limited time my  As A Man Thinketh Coaching Guide Action Journal will be free (downloadable)  for those that sign up for the 8 week program by April 1, 2020.